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Organizational system
Every company consciously or unconsciously develops its own organisational system for the creation of products or the provision of services. This term refers to the linking and integration of different structures and methods that serve to coordinate the functions of man and material.

In order to ensure an optimal process, the individual elements must mesh seamlessly and be coordinated with each other. The own personnel, the potential customers, the material aids and the concrete offer of the enterprise are the main factors, around which the organizational system revolves.

The targeted development of a company-specific organizational system presupposes the breakdown of the entire performance process into individual steps.

This is followed by a detailed analysis of the distribution of tasks among the function holders and the structure of their relationships. Every relocation and allocation of tasks must be carefully planned because of its far-reaching consequences for the organizational system.

Value system
The value system is expressed in particular in the corporate philosophy and corporate culture. If there is broad agreement within the franchise system on the value system, it will shape decisions, concepts and activities at all levels. Last but not least, the value system has a decisive influence on the way a company sees its own future.

This corporate vision in turn represents the target towards which all strategies are aligned. Externally, the value system affects the image of the franchise system in the public eye.

Management System
A complete management system can be created if the organisational system is systematically further developed by incorporating process-spanning factors. In particular, the organisational system must be supplemented by a value system in order to create an ethical basis for the company and to communicate its moral standards.

In times of economic and technical upheaval, however, the internal equilibrium of these sensitive systems is constantly subject to disruption, necessitating adjustments or even a redesign of the management system. Thus, the increasing saturation of demand in many areas leads to a rethinking of the customer structure or the service concept.

The development of new market segments, the introduction of new services and technical changes can also have drastic consequences for the entire system. Through careful adaptation and continuous further development of the management system, its service life can be extended indefinitely.

The standardization of all essential elements of a management system enables the establishment of similar companies. The concentration of important management functions in the headquarters and the standardization of functions in the franchise operations are decisive for the development of a powerful franchise system.

This is due in particular to rationalisation effects in the head office and the individual franchise operations, with the possibility of significant cost savings through sensible division of labour.

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