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Special features of franchising – you have to pay attention to that

Organizational system Every company consciously or unconsciously develops its own organisational system for the creation of products or the provision of services. This term refers to the linking and integration of different structures and methods that serve to coordinate the functions of man and material....
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What are the disadvantages of the franchisor?

Choice of partner The selection of future partners is as important as it is difficult for the franchisor. Larger systems have developed detailed selection procedures for this purpose. Every reputable franchisor has detailed franchisee profiles on the basis of which he checks his candidates. Personal...
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Globalization in franchising – What you need to know

Economic basis A successful internationalisation strategy requires that a sound financial and personnel base has been established in the country of origin. Due to the diversity of the European markets, it is comparatively difficult for the systems created here to achieve a sufficient economic basis,...
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