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You want to start your own business as a franchisee with a license from the car, mobility & car service industry and soon be your own boss?

Regarding market development: The vast majority of dealers and service providers in the automotive industry can look back on a successful year and the outlook for the industry also speaks for economic stability.

However, the automotive industry is currently undergoing a far-reaching upheaval that knows winners and losers. Although customers make use of the consulting services of local car dealerships, the subsequent purchase of vehicles is increasingly shifting to the Internet.

These are our Top 10 Automotive Franchise Offers:

FranchiseFranchise OutletsInvestment sizeEstablishment yearInfo

>> Franchise Application <<
Less than 10$14.9502018 Beginner-friendly
Market leader with a strong future orientation
High degree of awareness, positive brand image

>> Franchise Application <<
Less than 10$25.0002017 Detailed Franchise System Manual
Flexible sizes of the shop

>> Franchise Application <<
Less than 10$10.0002016 International experience in 5 countries
Possibility of participation, thus low investment costs

>> Franchise Application <<
Less than 10$30.0002016 Financial planning aids: Investment plan, sales & cost plan
Existing bank contacts for credit negotiations

>> Franchise Application <<
2014 Detailed system manual
Market studies/statistics

>> Franchise Application <<
50-100$15.0002010 Market leader with a strong future orientation
Consulting in day-to-day business

>> Franchise Application <<
50-100$12.5002008 Marketing concepts and supraregional marketing measures
Purchasing and accounting centralized

>> Franchise Application <<
200-500$30.0002007 Support during employee search and job interviews
Thorough training of partners and their employees

>> Franchise Application <<
1000-10000$10.0001999 Site selection and site analysis
Planning of the interior work and supervision of the construction work

>> Franchise Application <<
100-200$12.5001950 Extensive financial planning aids


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