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Franchise start-ups are usually more successful. However, there are over 1,000 franchise systems with which founders can set up their own business Рso how can they find the right one?

Start with the following top 10 franchises, each with above-average company growth and looking for new partners. In addition, we will also introduce you to 10 other well-known and successful franchise systems that are especially suitable for founders.

FranchiseFranchise OutletsInvestment sizeEstablishment yearInfo

>> Franchise Application <<
20-50$10.0002017 Beginner-friendly
Market leader with a strong future orientation
High degree of awareness, positive brand image

>> Franchise Application <<
No Outlets$30.0002016 Detailed Franchise System Manual
Flexible sizes of the shop

>> Franchise Application <<
2015 International experience in 5 countries
Possibility of participation, thus low investment costs

>> Franchise Application <<
Less than 10$15.0002014 Financial planning aids: Investment plan, sales & cost plan
Existing bank contacts for credit negotiations

>> Franchise Application <<
Less than 10$12.5002014 Detailed system manual
Market studies/statistics

>> Franchise Application <<
100-200$30.0002012 Market leader with a strong future orientation
Consulting in day-to-day business

>> Franchise Application <<
No Outlets$10.0002009 Marketing concepts and supraregional marketing measures
Purchasing and accounting centralized

>> Franchise Application <<
100-200$12.5002006 Support during employee search and job interviews
Thorough training of partners and their employees

>> Franchise Application <<
Less than 10$14.9502004 Site selection and site analysis
Planning of the interior work and supervision of the construction work

>> Franchise Application <<
Less than 10$25.0001984 Extensive financial planning aids

Take off with one of the top 10 franchises!

Would you like to start your own business – if necessary as a career changer – and take off straight away? Then you should take a close look at the following 10 franchise systems. Each of the 10 franchises is growing extremely dynamically and is looking for new franchisees – so the chances of success are very good.

Other well-known Top Franchise Systems for Founders

In addition to the Top 10 franchises, we present other well-known franchise systems. All systems are looking for new franchise partners and are represented in our franchise exchange.

You will find further information on the respective franchise in the respective franchise profile. You can then also request a free information package. We wish you every success.


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